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Sizes and Coverage

  • 300 ml Sample Kit covers 12  m2

  • 1   Litre Flask covers   35 to    40 m2

  • 5   Litre Can    covers 175 to 200 m2

  • 20 Litre Drum covers 175 to 200 m2

Recommended Applications

  • Stainless Steel

  • Aluminium

  • Anodised 

  • Mild Steel

  • All Alloys

  • Brass

  • Zinc

  • Corten Steel

  • All bare metal

  • Checker plate

  • Iron

  • more

Not for use on

  • Soft Plastic and Vinyls

  • Rubber

  • Silicon

  • Glass 

Always test a small area first

Touch ALL METAL Crystal Clear virtually invisible coating can be applied to all hard surfaces in situ with no need to replace or can be factory apply

TOUCH All METAL  of crystal-clear coating which has been specifically designed for application to all bare metal and alloys.

TOUCH All METAL is a durable hard coating that will remain flexible enough to endure the expansion and contraction of the surface it is applied too. 


TOUCH All METAL coating contain our antimicrobial additive which is proven to not support the growth of bacteria and viruses.  

TOUCH All METAL provides high levels of protection of the surface they cover due to built in antioxidants.


TOUCH All METAL correctly applied coatings are guaranteed to not crack, peel, or discolour when correctly applied.


TOUCH All METAL is the hardest wearing coating in the range and has a scratch resistances of up to H7 to H8 on the pencil scale still making it 2 point higher than a Granite.


TOUCH All METAL is extremely thin making it almost invisible to the naked eye at 5 to 7 microns making it perfect for high gloss or mirror finished surfaces such as chrome eliminating any luminescence.


TOUCH All METAL contains high levels of antioxidants to prevent rusting and oxidisation of the protected surface being protected.


TOUCH All METAL coating technology is a blend of polymers that remains flexible for the lifetime of the coating ensuring the coating will not crack or peel.

TOUCH All METAL will make the surface fingerprint proof making it a perfect for textured, brushed finishes  and has already more than twice outlived its guarantee period on applications worldwide.

Application Method

Wipe on (Lint free applicator cloth) Small areas

HDF Roller                                          Medium size areas 

Spray applied using HVLP                Large areas

Touch range Metal 1.png