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TOUCH Long-term surface protection in Washrooms

All Gender Restroom
Bathroom Cleaner
Toilets & Sinks Installation


Touch Products provide benefits including:

•    Long term odour control in washrooms (Up to 5 years)
•    Long term mould and mildew control (Up to 5 years)
•    Long term Bacterial and viral protection (Up to 5 years)
•    Fingerprint, grease mark and staining protection
•    Crystal clear protection for all surfaces and substrates
•    Maintainable indefinitely
•    Easy to apply

Washroom care with odour and mould control

Treating washroom splash backs, surfaces, faucets, and any area that requires cleaning, can help eliminate foul odours. The powerful properties of TOUCH ensure that the bacteria that cause these oudours simply cannot survive on the surface; thus, eliminating the smell.

Once protected by TOUCH, the surfaces can be easily cleaned and maintained using standard cleaning processes.

At the same time, the surfaces are protected from any mould or mildew growth as these organisms cannot attach to the protected surface and cannot survive. 


It is a two punch protection system for washrooms.

Bacterial and viral protection

For virtually any surface, TOUCH can protect against bacteria, by inhibiting it's growth, Studies have shown that with the technology in TOUCH, treated workspaces show a reduction in days off taken from illness. The power of TOUCH massively reduces the ability of germs to spread allowing for a happier and more productive workforce.

Studies have also shown that bacteria in washrooms are often moved around the room via the airflow from hand dryers. this can undo the cleaning of hands as they
 are being dried. Ensuring all surfaces in a washroom are protected will massivley reduce the bacteria in the air and thus minimise this effect.

Easy to apply, invisible long-term protection

TOUCH is easy to apply (see video below) and once it has been applied, TOUCH goes to work straight away and, it is virtually invisible to the naked eye.  The protection works 24/7, unseen, and can be maintained indefinitely to ensure your workspace, washroom, or anywhere is protected.


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