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Why TOUCH Antimicrobial coatings

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In recent years there have been multiple ways advertised to ensure your surfaces remain clean from bacteria, viruses and super bacteria. However, until now, no method has provided a permanent solution.  TOUCH Antimicrobial coating is permanent.  Once applied the coating immediately starts working to protect the surface it has been applied to. 


In 30 minutes it is touch dry and is fully cured in 4 hours meaning that it can be applied quickly and not disrupt day to day operations.


Treating surfaces with a nano coating or "fogging" an area can create a clean environment and sterilise the area, however these are not permanent solutions.
Nano coatings will quickly be removed upon the surface being touched due to how nano coatings work.  Nano coatings stay in place sue to the sticky nature of the molecules and it is that same nature that means they are removed easily. 
"Fogging" an area is limited in its coverage due to the lack of directional control. Surfaces will be coated in a disinfectant, but not long after the surfaces are once again suceptible to microbes landing and growing on them.

Once treated with TOUCH Antimicrobial any surface is protected for up to 5 years due it being a hard surface coating. 

Peace of Mind

Once a surface is treated with TOUCH Antimicrobial it can be cleaned as usual. No need for harsh chemicals or vapourised disinfectant adding a risk of digesting harmful chemicals. Meaning you can relax back to a standard cleaning routine without worrying about your protection.


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