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Touch range Aftercare.png

Sizes available

  • 500 ml Trigger spray

  • 5 litre Plastic Jerry

  • 25 litre Drum

  • 1000 litre I.B.C.

Touch AFTERCARE specifically designed cleaning solution to safely maintain all

TOUCH coated surfaces

TOUCH Aftercare is a water based biodegradable cleaning product designed to clean the surface of TOUCH coatings without damaging the coating or antimicrobial performance within the coating.

TOUCH Aftercare will extend the life of the coating and protection


TOUCH Aftercare  will safely remove dirt, dust, food and other contaminants settled on the surface of the coating.

TOUCH Aftercare will leave a steak free finish with a pleasant

fresh smell.

We strongly advise that you continually maintain your TOUCH coated surfaces with TOUCH Aftercare ensuring your guarantees remain intact as using incorrect cleaning product may invalidate your guarantee. see "aftercare doc" for further details.

• pH is less than 10  

• Quick and easy cleaning

• Leaves a pleasant & long-lasting fragrance

• Contains anti-static agent to leave sheen and reduce dirt build-up on cleaned surfaces

• Not classified as hazardous

• Uses biodegradable raw materials  

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