TOUCH Antimicrobial coatings

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TOUCH Antimicrobial coatings

The worlds only permanent, retrofit, hard film, crystal clear coating thatprovides protection against enveloped viruses & bacteria includings SARS-CoV-2, MSRA and COVID-19 for all hard surfaces.

TOUCH Antimicrobial coating was developed in 2013 and is the first permanent, retrofit, all purpose protectant that is proven to continously kill 99.9% of enveloped viruses and bacteria; including SARS-CoV-2, which causes COVID-19


24 Hour Protection

Continuosly providing round the clock protection. Once the environemnt is vacated the coated areas will delf isolate


HArd film coating with a scratch resistance of H7 on the HB pencil scale where granite is H6

Cost Effective

Huge coverage of over 35 m2 per litre with a minimum once every 18 month re-application

Helping to stop the spread of viruses worldwide

Currently being applied to countries worldwide controling virus and bacterial growthr on surfaces

365 Days a year

Proven durability of 18 months on high traffic areas and over 5 years of seldom touched areas

ISO 21702 Tested

Originally tested in 2014, re-tested in 2020 by independant approved laboratories in the United Kingdom as well as several other countries


The BBC reports on how antimicrobial coatings, such as TOUCH, can reduce the spread of COVID-19

Read about it here.


Antimicrobial coatings have been proven to reduce illness in the classroom by 80%. Our team have been out coating classrooms in the UK


Check out our social feeds for where the team are and where TOUCH is being used to protect people in the outside world


Touch Antimicrobial coating contains silver ion anti-microbials designed to suppress the growth of bacteria, stains and odour on the surfaces protected. Touch Antibacterial coatings are not designed as a substitute for good hygiene. 

TOUCH Antimicrobial is a BROMOCO International product. 
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